Sport & Fitness

During your holiday, tournaments and friendly competitions will be organized within the Marina Resort Sports Facilities. They are in fact available:

  • 1 grass soccer field
  • 6 multi-purpose tennis/soccer fields
  • 1 basketball court
  • 1 bowling alley

The use of the camps must be previously booked at the reception desk and is free during the day, while a lump-sum payment for night lighting is required.
Also available at the Club Hotel Marina Beach a gym and a Jacuzzi.


The Resort Fitness Zone is equipped with the following Technogym equipment:

  • 1 Syncro elliptical
  • 1 Cyclette Recline Personal
  • 5 Cyclette Spinning
  • 1 Stepper for cardio fitness
  • 2 Treadmill
  • 1 Rowing machine with screen
  • Arms Cyclette Excite Top
  • Pectoral Machine
  • Free-standing bench with adjustable slope
  • PullDown – Vertical Deltoid/Dorsal Tractions
  • Crunch Bench – Abdominals
  • Tower Trazioni – Backbones and Low Abdominals
  • Rack for pairs of handlebars from 2 to 12 kg
  • Floor mats for stretching