Orosei, between heavenly coves and wild nature

Orosei is a town of about 7000 people located 2 km from the sea, along Sardinia’s Eastern coast. It marks the border between the Barbagia and Baronia regions, where the Cedrino river has it outlet.

20 km of coast with emerald colored waters and the limestone bastions of Supramonte that dominate the sea. A succession of small coves that can be reached only by boat of via trekking paths. And natural oasis such as Bidderosa, with its 500 hectares of Mediterranean maquis.

A unique landscape that will amaze you for its pristine nature.

The territory of Orosei is also rich in history. From the Nuraghes and Nuragic villages, such as the renowned Tiscali, to more recent monuments, like the Church of San Giacomo Maggiore, in the town center.